We're working on a really sustainable blockchain!

We now have a really advanced, secure, and efficient technology to benefit the environment and global society thanks to Chia Network’s decentralized blockchain. Furthermore, we have experts in Chialisp, Chia’s new intelligent transaction programming language that is powerful, easy to audit, and secure.

NFT Management System

The Chia Network allows for the improvement of financial and worldwide payment systems through the use of a new algorithm developed by Bram Cohen, the best live network protocol engineer and creator of BitTorrent.

Furthermore, thanks to this blockchain, we have been able to develop revolutionary applications such as the NFT Management System, a tool for businesses and tourist destinations that allows you to create and manage NFT campaigns in a secure, sustainable, simple, and fast manner.

Chia Projects

On the other hand, Chia has become involved in major government and global projects, including:
  • World Bank Group:

    Chia was chosen by the World Bank Group to build the climate storage facility as the primary architecture and data repository for global carbon markets.

  • Costa Rican Government:

    Chia has contributed to the development of a national universal open-source climate system that is in sync with the World Bank's Climate Store.

  • United Nations Climate Change Conference:

    Tokenized carbon will democratize access to the market and drive up prices.

With these projects, a true recycling of rigid discs is carried out in order to generate nodes and farming, always from the standpoint of sustainability and decentralization. In this way, Chia has, in addition to the world’s most decentralized network of blocks, a unique mining system that uses resources responsibly by utilizing the storage space of hard disks for mining.

If you want to learn more about Chia, visit www.chia.net