Web Design and UX/UI

Web design and user interfaces that are completely personalized.

The art of designing personalized digital products based on how humans think and interact with technology is known as user experience and interface design (UX/UI).

Using this methodology, we program all types of site designs, improving user experience and usability while adhering to a strict content strategy. We will design your website, personalize it, and develop it so that it will work on all types of devices.

We look after our customers

At Mutishan, we work every day to ensure that our customers are satisfied, that their businesses are more productive, and that they have happy and loyal customers.

As a result, we employ the “Design Thinking” methodology, putting the user at the center of design to create experiences that meet the needs of users while also meeting commercial goals:

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UX/UI services

Our performance has been proven

As a digital consulting and design agency, we have provided a wide range of solutions to digital product design issues.
Some examples are as follows:

Catkchi's web

It is the sustainable token of ChiaTK, a decentralized network that operates on the Chia Network blockchain. We are in charge of redesigning Catkchi’s website in order to connect millions of people through their digital products and services.

The web transformation assisted in increasing the visibility of the page by 50%. Furthermore, we were able to conduct web-focused campaigns in collaboration with our Marketing department.

Catkchi enables the creation of a real-world ecosystem of interconnected applications, ranging from a farming pool or cryptocurrency exchange platform to an NFT video game.

BioPool Web

It is the official ChiaTK pool for farming and earning money using the space on your hard drive.

The page was redone, with the call to action, visual proposal, and brand image all improved.

Beyond the Chia blockchain, we have carried out all types of e-commerce page redistribution, improving user experience as well as effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity.