Mobile Applications

We will create your app in order to provide your audience with a high-quality user experience.

Create appealing and personalized designs to increase customer satisfaction with your brand.

We work on both the Android and iOS operating systems.

NFT Management System

NFTs and Web3 the evolution of the internet has arrived

The web 1.0 were the links. The 2.0 were the likes, the social networks and today we have reached the web 3.0 which are the NFTs.
The rules have changed, web3 marketing is imposed and we have the best tool for it.

With the emergence of social networks, companies and entities had to design a new strategy to manage their presence on the Internet.

For this reason, the NFT Management System was born, which is a tool for companies and tourist destinations that allows you to create and manage NFT campaigns in a safe, sustainable, simple and fast way.

See the video of the app by clicking on the mobile.

If you want to know more about NFTMS visit the web

These are some of the mobile applications we have developed and deployed:

Chia Ozone Wallet

Ozone is a multiplatform wallet that allows users to manage and transact with their cryptocurrency in a secure manner. 

The system is internal to ChiaTK’s applications, and we develop the UX/UI for their application, which allows you to send and receive money, analyze transactions between different currencies and market movements, and so on.

GoCom 2.0

GOcom is a high-security internal communication tool for businesses, associations, and communities.

Users will be able to communicate with suppliers, clients, and coworkers in real time via encrypted messages, IP phone calls, and video calls, while maintaining the highest level of security.